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It seems like every week something happens to me to make me realize I'm getting old. Here are 10 realizations you are getting old...

1. When College Students Call You "Sir" or "Ma'am".

You expect a child to call you "Sir" or "Ma'am", but when a 20 year old young adult calls you that, you're getting old. Last year I had a 20 year old address me as "Sir", and that was a wake up call.

2. When You're With Your Friends and You Always Talk about the "Glory Days".

You know what I'm talking about. Whenever you get together with your High School or College Friends, you always say, "Remember when...". Every time you get together you begin saying the same jokes and telling the same stories. 

3. When You Look Forward to Going to Bed at 9 PM.

Instead of staying up all night, you look forward to getting to bed early because you're tired. This is a sign of old age.

4. When You Hurt After Working Out.

As as teenager or young adult, you could run 6 miles or work out two hours a day and not hurt that evening. Today, I ran 3 miles, and my legs and feet are aching! Goodbye metabolism, hello Jacuzzi!


5. When You Watch the Grammy's and Don't Recognize Anyone.

I used to know about every artist and band out there. Now, I don't know hardly anyone.

6. When You Hang Out With Younger People and You Don't Know Their Slang.

I used to say things and my parents and their friends would give me strange looks. Now, I'm giving younger people strange looks.

7. When You Don't Remember What You Had for Lunch Yesterday.

As you get older, weeks begin to feel like days. Details get a little foggy.

8. When Your House Phone Never Rings Anymore.

The house phone days are yesterday's communication. It's time to pull the plug.

house phone

9. When You Spend Your Date Night at Home Depot.

Instead of having a fun night at a dinner and a movie, you would rather be at Home Depot buying things for the house and lawn.

10. When You Have More Hair on Your Chest than on Your Head.

This speaks for itself.

bald men

The older we get the more we realize our age. Whatever age and stage you're in, embrace the time you have (Ephesians 5:15-17; Romans 12:1). Every season, young or old, is valuable (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). Be thankful for whatever season you're in, and use your age for God's glory and the good of others. If you're young, don't be in a hurry to grow up. If you're old, don't let the past keep you from living today. 

The truth is our lives are like a mist that goes away (James 4:13-17). If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, let me remind you that every day you live is one day closer to Heaven. Until we get to Heaven, let's keep the main thing the main thing: Love God and love others (Matthew 22:37-40).




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