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Andrew and Julie Halbert - May 2019


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Catching up...

Greetings from Costa Rica,
Thank you all so much for praying for us over the last several months! We have felt your prayers and are excited to share with you all how God has answered those prayers! Our transition back to the field has been very busy! We are glad to have an opportunity to write to you and let you know some of what has been going on.

The day before flying back Julie wasn’t feeling well and was in bed most of the day. Thankfully she woke up feeling well and the flight was non-eventful, the best kind of flight. Our neighbors provided us with cereal and milk our first week back and many friends had us over for dinner (since we didn’t have any appliances).

While stateside we questioned God’s timing many times, but have seen His sovereignty in so many ways! We arrived in Costa Rica on December 30th, which is a holiday here. Many people have off from December 24th through the first week of the New Year. Because of this many families go on vacation leaving San Jose a quiet and delightful place to be. The roadways were clear and one of our dear friends, took us shopping for appliances. We were able to find some great sales and within a week and half we purchased all our appliances, living room furniture & mattresses for the kids. We were gifted a breakfast table and chairs and have been borrowing a vehicle almost since arrival. Our friends here have truly become family to us and we cherish them everyday!

Julie & the kids finished homeschooling a week before school started here in Costa Rica. Ana is in 3rd grade and Bryan is in 1st. They are adjusting incredibly well, especially considering they are awake at 5:30 AM & are being immersed in Spanish.


Refit & ESEPA

REFIT® classes started back up & have been a joy! Right now Julie is teaching 4 classes (Monday's and Wednesday's from 8:30AM-9:30AM & Tuesdays and Thursday's from 7:30PM-8:30PM). Marcela, the owner of the gym, has been a great help & encouragment! She often proof-reads Julie's devotionals before class. Please pray the Lord will bring non-believers and believers to these classes. Pray for lives to be transformed by the Gospel message.

Andrew has been busy getting caught up at ESEPA as there have been many changes in the year of our absence. Already this year, with the help of staff, he planned & led graduation, helped get the new semester up and running, taught an online course and spoke at the Language School for their spiritual emphasis week. He definitely hit the ground running! Please continue to pray for him as, even after five months back, he is only beginning to feel like he is catching up.


Lastly, we are in the process of renewing our residency and covet your prayers for God’s favor. The process has been slow and the immigration office has been a little difficult. We believe we have all of our documentation now but we won't be sure until we submit it and get a response. These things are not uncommon, especially when there is a change in the government (a new president was elected while we were gone). Often it simply slows the processes down which can mean added expense for us as we (potentially) have to leave the country.

How you can pray this month...

Pray for Julie as she is learning to drive a manual, a lifelong fear of hers.
Pray for God to bring people who need to hear the Gospel to REFIT®.
Please continue to pray for the kids & their school work.
Praise and Thanksgiving this month...
We are grateful for Marcela and her family & for a place where Julie can teach REFIT®!
We praise God for each of you and your partnership in God's work around the world.

We love and miss you all!

Andrew and Julie Halbert
United World Mission - Costa Rica