a christian manThe Christian Man: A Conversation about the 10 Issues Men Say Matter Most - Patrick Morley
Patrick Morley, Business Leader, Speaker and Author of the award-winning “Man in the Mirror”, gathered twenty-four Christian men, ages 24 – 47 to discuss the question, “What are the issues and topics that would make you feel compelled to pick up and read a book for men?” These men came from all walks of life and represent the racial and ethnic diversity of America.
    When the dust settled, a list of 10 issues that mattered to them most was compiled. That list formed the table of contents for this book. The same process was then utilized to determine the questions they most wanted to have addressed and answered about each of the topics. Some of the topics include: My Identity in Christ, Life Balance, Marriage, Children, Lust, Friendships and Sharing my Faith.
    Todd Kohlbusch will help direct discussion around these topics and others.  We will meet Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30AM at Christ Covenant (began Feb 9). For Questions or further detail, please contact Todd Kohlbusch at

a thin line


The retired men (or retired AGE men) of Christ Covenant meet together on Thursday mornings downstairs in The Warehouse (begins again January 13th):
 • 9:30 AM – Join us early for a revival prayer group in The Warehouse
 • 10:00 AM – A time of fellowship 
 • 10:30 – 11:30 AM – Bible Study. This class is taught by Dr. Jim Coffield. 

This is a mentoring ministry of men to other men to help them understand how to effectively live the Christian life. If you'd like to get discipled, contact Todd Kohlbusch or (865) 671-1885.

Golf - contact Curt Hudson
Hiking - contact Paul Whalen
The Men's Ministry of Christ Covenant will be planning day-hikes on a regular basis for the men of the church.  The hills of East Tennessee are a special place to see the beauty of God's creation and we are blessed to live here.  We want to take some time to get out in the woods and see His handiwork.  We'll pick a trail that fits the interests of the Men (+Sons) who want to participate, so let us know what you like to see and how far you like to go.  For all Day Hikes, we'll meet at the church about 7:30 on the scheduled Saturday mornings and carpool to the trailhead.  We will have lunch on the trail and plan to be back to the church in time for dinner.  You will need to bring lunch and plenty of water, good hiking shoes and rain gear.  Whether you are a seasoned hiker or if you have never been on a trail but would like to try a hike, please join us.  Please contact Paul Whalen if you are interested in going or if you have any questions or suggestions.
Fishing - contact Dave Forbes
Skeet Shooting - contact Chris Jaegar

For questions or to find out more, contact Todd Kohlbusch, Director of Men's Ministry.