Christ Covenant, with God's help, endeavors to follow the Biblical mandate of going and making disciples of all nations.  Three priorities guide this endeavor:  1) Ministering to those with less opportunity to hear the Gospel. 2) Providing theological training to pastors and leaders who will teach others.  3) Supporting national pastors and leaders as possible and appropriate for their situation.


Christ Covenant fosters a "missions" environment.  Our congregation has invested financially in an annually increasing Faith Promise budget which supports missionaries and ministries locally and around the world. Our church family enthusiastically turns out annually for our missions conference to meet and get reacquainted with missionary families. Our people are going on short term mission trips and, in some cases, long term. Our various church ministries are independently invested in missions including Children’s Ministry in Harlan, Kentucky. The Worship Ministry partners with churches in Northern Ireland. Our Student Ministries involve students in a wide variety of missions opportunities both local and abroad. And our staff members are leading adult mission trips. All of this develops and thrives in a “Great Commission environment,” encouraged by our leadership and fleshed out by our Missions Ministry.


Christ Covenant is committed to missions:
- through Financial and Prayer support for cross cultural missionaries without respect to geographical location
- by encouraging every member to pray and give sacrificially
- in partnering with national ministries and ministers combining our skills and resources with theirs to reach the common goal of sharing the Gospel
- by identifying and supporting, with both financial and human resources, Christian agencies that demonstrate a spiritually holistic approach to health, technical, and social development in underdeveloped nations of the world
- by providing opportunities for the education, training, and involvement of the church membership in missions
- as God provides the finances, by endeavoring to provide and care for the needs of those missionaries God brings to us, using as a standard the way in which we care for our own needs.

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Pray, Give, Go