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Nursery Reopening

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Policies for Children’s Ministry (Infants—4)


events web20 nurseryWe are excited to welcome our kids back to the nursery, but please realize things will be a little different. We are making changes to do our best to keep all of our kids and volunteers safe, healthy, and happy! NEW registration form and SIGN-UP FOR SUNDAY are below the NEW policies:

- In addition to regular wellness policies -like if your child has been sick, they need to be fever free for 48 hours before returning to the nursery, we are asking that if anyone in your household has been exposed to someone with Covid 19 or has not felt well in the last 2 weeks, please do not bring your children to the nursery at this time.

- Due to Covid 19, we are limiting class sizes. For now, you will need to preregister your child/ children to ensure a spot. Since we will have a limited number of openings, please register for Sundays as early in the week as possible. We will close the registration at noon on Friday if the classes aren’t full before that. If you register and realize you are not able to attend on Sunday, please let Jan Doll know as soon as possible at jdoll@christcov.org.

- Please check your child in with a volunteer at the main children’s wing doors. One parent will be allowed to walk with the child down to their classroom. The back doors at the end of the children’s wing will remain locked and you will not be able to enter there.

- We realize that many of your children have not been away from you in months, and that separating may be very difficult for some of the children. To limit the spreading of germs and to make it easier on other children, parents are asked to stay in the hallway. Please give your child a hug and kiss goodbye and then let the teachers take them. You are welcome to check in with any staff member at the entrance to the children’s wing during the hour to make sure your child has settled okay, but please do not come to the room. We love your children and want them to be happy when they are at church! If we cannot get them to settle down, we will text or find you. Please remember that many children are often happy during class, but get upset again when parents start picking up.

- For babies and one year old’s, there will be a tote with your child’s name on it in the hallway right outside their room for diaper bags and items. Please put your child’s bag in the basket when you arrive. For 2 & 3 year old’s, please put a diaper and wipes in a plastic baggie with their name on it and bring that to the room instead of a diaper bag.

- For now, there will be no food or dinks in the classrooms. This may be a very difficult change for your child, but for now we will not be having a morning snack so make sure they eat before they come.

- We have removed many of the toys and cloth items from the rooms so that we can do our best to keep everything clean. We will do some cleaning between services, and a new bin of clean toys will be placed in the room for the next service.

Please contact any of the Children’s Ministry Staff if you have any questions or concerns! We are so excited about being back together with our sweet preschoolers!