THEOLOGY OF WORSHIP led by Matthew Stephens - Classroom A/B
Worship is a major part of a Christian's life. We were made to worship. In this course, we will identify and define what worship is and what it is not. We will explore aspects of worship such as corporate, private, and family worship. We will also look at the role of music in worship, the eight Hebrew words for praise, and the dangers of preferences and other various topics. Join us on this journey through the theology of worship! 

TWELVE DISCIPLES led by David Forbes - Classroom E 
We will be studying the questions below. 

  • Why did Jesus choose the twelve men that he did? 
  • What was the significance of them being so ‘ordinary’?
  • What is the importance of the apostles to the Christian faith? 
  • What were the individual personality types of the disciples? 
  • How were they different and how were the alike? 
  • How are we like the disciples in so many ways?



THE BOOK OF ROMANS led by Jon Shugart - Classroom A/B 
The Epistle of Paul to the Romans is the most comprehensive statement of the gospel in all of Paul's pastoral letters.  In it he teaches the seriousness of mankind's sin, the need for a Savior, Christ's righteousness imputed to the believer, salvation by grace through faith, and a cross-section of the Bible's leading themes.  Join us as we work our way verse by verse through Paul's 'magnum opus,'' the largest of his letters.

THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF REVELATION led by Joel McCall and Paul Fitzgerald - Classrooms C/D
In this class, we will see how the Redeemer-Healer gives us a diagnosis regarding the condition of His churches - then and now. 

THE BOOK OF JUDE led by Chris Jaeger - Classrooms E
The book of Jude, written by a half brother of Jesus, is an appropriate study for our day.  Jude's focus is on the fact that Christians do not have the freedom to do anything outside the will of Jesus.  Alistair Begg said, "Churches may welcome people just as they are, but not if they decide to stay as they are. " We are to defend the faith we learn from Jesus revealed in His Word, contending for the faith against those who would challenge the Word of God.