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Crossroads Chapel

Crossroads Chapel is a mission organization dedicated to reaching, supporting, and encouraging truck drivers as well as truck stop employees and those in the trucking community.

Our Mission is to lead truck drivers, as well as the trucking community, to Jesus Christ and to help them grow in their faith.

Our Vision is to provide Chapel Ministry 24 hours a day.

Our Goals are to develop prayer warriors, train chaplains, and to be an encouragement to all we come in contact with.

Ministry Opportunities: Crossroads Chapel provides opportunities for volunteer chaplains, work groups, music venue, discipleship, focused Outreach, spiritual counseling, and youth ministry.

Ministry to truck drivers - December 14th: we furnish benevolence to Travelers throughout the year. Each December we put together Christmas gift bags at our annual gift pack assembly which are then distributed to drivers and Truck Stop employees by Crossroads Chapel chaplains and volunteers. Click here for details.

Transport for Christ Gift Pack Assembly 2018– Image 1 of 10