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Adult Sunday Classes - Fall


9:30 hour
Stumbling Toward a Good Marriage -- taught by Jim Coffield -- Rehearsal Hall
This class, geared for married or engaged couples, will explore the basic principles of a Christian marriage.

I've Got Questions! - A Sunday Morning Safe Space -- taughter by Joel McCall and Paul Fitzgerald -- the Warehouse
Non-Christians and Christians all have questions. There are good questions, but these questions may seem impolite or embarrassing to ask. This class will involve such questions that may bother us but need to be discussed and answered. We welcome you to join us in this dynamic setting.

What Will Be My Legacy? -- taught by David Forbes -- Classrooms A & B
We will discuss how God is molding us each day to be more like Jesus, how to be a better spouse, parent, citizen, and friend to others.

11:00 hour
In the Beginning Was the Word... The Gospel of John  -- taught by Jon Shugart -- Classrooms A & B
This study offers unique insights into who Jesus is, and what he taught.  Called the most theological of the gospels, John takes care to illuminate and educate his readers on the basics of the Christian faith.

The Book of Acts -- taught by Bill Morgan and Chris Jaegar -- The Warehouse
The book of Acts helps us understand the Gospel message and gives clarity to the epistles. This transitional book helps us understand the growth and purpose of the church. We are studying chapters 13-20 (The Witness to the World).

Introduction to Christian Counseling -- taught by Jim Coffield -- The Rehearsal Hall
This class discusses basic counseling skills for use in discipleship and friendships.  We will explore how to help your friends and neighbors with issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction. We will explore these common problems from a Christian perspective. This is essentially a Sunday School version of the Pastoral Counselling class that Dr. Coffield taught at Reformed Theological Seminary for 15 years.

The law from Your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.  Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn Your commands.  Psalm 119:72-73