*** Phase 2 Amended (8-9-20) Reopening -- CLICK HERE for details and plans ***

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Adult Sunday Classes - Summer

ADULT CLASSES are offered for those interested - began June 14

- Each classroom will have seating areas marked off to ensure 6 FEET OF PHYSICAL DISTANCING

- YOUTH  are encouraged to attend a class with their families at 9:30am led by Jim Coffield, Chris Pifer, and John DeVault in the Youth Worship Center.

- With the reintroduction of Sunday Classes, we are entering a new phase and new challenge to maintain the physical distancing expectations. Those going to the Warehouse, The Youth Basement or Choir Room for class should enter through the downstairs youth doors, or the office lobby doors.

- Those going to a Sunday Class in adult classroom A & B can enter through the main worship center doors. Some doors will be locked and there will be signs to help guide everyone in the right direction. Please be patient as we attempt to care for the needs of the entire Christ Covenant family.

- There will be NO NURSERY OR CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL offered during Phase 2.

- There will be NO CAFÉ OR FOOD SERVED in the facility during Phase 2.


Descriptions for Sunday Classes Beginning Sunday, June 14

9:30 a.m. Classes

God’s Plan for Ethnicity and Unity in a Fractured Culture. Location: Classroom A/B. Taught by David Forbes 
Our society is divided in many ways and seeks unity in our culture, but the pursuit is in vain for  one specific reason. We will look at Biblical perspectives in scripture that change the hearts of men and women.  

The Writings of CS Lewis.  Location: The Basement. Taught by Jim Coffield 
This summer, we will be studying the Christian world view and theological truths found in the  fiction of CS Lewis. Books used in this study will include The Space Trilogy and the Chronicles  of Narnia. Students (rising 4th grad and up) are encouraged to attend this class with their  family. Chris Pifer and John DeVault will be assisting Jim with teaching. 
11:00 a.m. Classes

Hebrews: Believing the Superiority of Christ in Order to “Keep On Keeping On.” Location: The Choir Room. Taught by Joel McCall 
The book of Hebrews speaks into the struggles of all believers with the compelling  encouragement as to how and why we must have confidence in our faith. This will be a  stunning exposition of the majesty of Christ. You will not be the same after this study. 
The Gospel of John. Location: Classrooms A/B. Taught by Jon Shugart 
Our class will be resuming our study of the Gospel of John.  We'll pick back up at John chapter 13. In chapter 12, Jesus ended his public ministry. In the next 5 chapters, we see Him  pouring Himself into his disciples, preparing them to continue the gospel ministry after He is  gone. It is rich scripture, and His instructions prepare us for the work at hand that He has  prepared for us to do.
A study of Ruth and Esther. Location: currently meeting offsite. Contact church office at 671-1885 for information. Taught by Chris Jaeger 
Beyond mere narratives of two exceptional women, we will look at the lives of Ruth and Esther  who in bitter circumstances came to believe that God uses all things to save his people. As we  examine their lives, we can expect to witness the Lord's work in our own lives. Join us for a  class designed for class discussions around the word of God.