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Adult Sunday Classes - Summer

10 Commandments horiz

June 2 - August 4

This Summer, Christ Covenant is going to study the 10 Commandments. Seth Hammond will be preaching on one Commandment each week, and he will provide a sermon discussion guide for families, individuals, and small groups to discuss throughout the week. Our Adult Sunday classes will teach through the 10 Commandments, going into more details from the sermon and incorporating a time of discussion. 

Jim Coffield and Chris Pifer are going to provide a Families Class during the 11:00 am hour in the Youth Sanctuary for families of 4th graders and up. For those families attending this class, we ask that they attend the 9:30 am service together and then go to the class at 11:00 am to discuss what was said in the sermon. This class is designed to help guide parents on how to teach their kids through the 10 Commandments and how to lead a family time of devotion.