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Adult Sunday Classes - Winter Mini-Session

Winter Mini Sessions - January 6-27th

9:30 am
Introduction to Paul’s Letter to Ephesians taught by David Forbes, meeting in the Choir Room
We are very excited to offer one of Paul's greatest letters as our next study. Ephesians is a unique blend of doctrinal truths combined with applications to the Christian life. Ephesus was indeed a very pagan society, with believers struggling with a desire to live Godly lives inside an adverse culture. In this book, Paul will take us up to heavenly places, and then he will teach us how to walk properly and in a manner worthy of our high calling.

Becoming a Story-Driven Family taught by Jim Coffield & Andy Rittenhouse, meeting in Classroom A/B
Your family is a story begging to be told. It has the potential to literally change the story of the world. Why is that? Because your family's story is an extension of a bigger Story, a truly epic one, about the world’s most powerful good King and his unstoppable Kingdom. This class will explore the first of four life-shaping stories your family must learn to discover who God made you to be and why you are here. That practical discovery provides the    motivation for your family to become a high-impact team focused on accomplishing your unique, God-designed purpose. Be warned: this is not a journey for the faint of heart. It is, however, a journey to free your heart!

I’ve Got Questions! – A Sunday Morning Safe Space taught by Joel McCall/Paul Fitzgerald, meeting in the Warehouse
Unbelievers and believers all have questions. Good questions, but some may seem impolite, it will make me look bad if I ask “That”....This class will involve such questions that may bother us but need an answer.  Engaging the world requires deep issues that deserve a response. We welcome you to join us in this dynamic setting.

11:00 am
The Gospel of Restoration taught by Chris Jaeger and Paul Whalen, meeting in the Warehouse
 The gospel of restoration is a story for the ages, one that can be translated into a great epic tale told by God to explain the truth of His great love for us. Certainly, Jesus did much of His teaching through parables. Modern Christian writers have followed His lead in using fictional stories to teach eternal truths. We will draw on John Eldridge’s book, “Epic”, and his argument that all people long for is God, the author and finisher of our faith, the creator who built into us a longing for stories that pit good versus evil, and the Redeemer King who comes, leaves, and promises to come again. In our study, we will take a quick look at C.S. Lewis’s famous “Chronicles of Narnia”, examining Lewis’s subtle use of character and plot to suggest Biblical stories and promises. In God’s actions toward us, He shows His desire for a restored relationship with us.

Christians in the Age of Outrage taught by Jon Shugart, meeting in Classrooms A
It’s an angry world, and in a culture of 24-hour news feeds and constant connection via the internet and social media, anger can turn to outrage. Christians are not immune to the anger or the outrage, sometimes as the victim, sometimes as the perpetrator. During our Sunday School “mini-mester”, we will begin a study of “Christians in the Age of Outrage”, a brand new book by Ed Stetzer. In the first sessions, we will explore where outrage comes from, some of outrageous lies we are led to believe, and how Christians can get caught up in it.  It is sure to be an enlightening study, designed to help us develop a Biblical response to the anger we see all around us.

Overview of the Bible taught by Bill Morgan, meeting in Classroom B
As we read and absorb His word, we grow in our understanding and relationship with our God, which helps and guides us in our life’s journey. This study is an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and how we can know that it is true.

The Carpenter Book study taught by Danny Trent, meeting in the Choir Room
Come join this four week journey as we learn successful strategies regarding successful living, finding balance,   developing leaders, and expressing love to others from a modern day carpenter who teaches a family the importance of loving, serving, and caring. This book study will share tips to lead a better life, enjoy fulfilling work, and make more moments that matter. You will need a book and some light outside reading will be needed. The book will be available for the first class for $10 each.