Bobby & Teresa LaDage - January 2020

December 2019
Dear Family & Friends:

We pray you had a wonderful Christmas. The Good News of Christ's birth, death, and​
resurrection is being proclaimed around the world! Your prayers have helped many people hear​ the gospel in the major cities of Europe this year. There are so many stories to tell you from the​ past few months I will share just a few.​

We moved to Birmingham last January and stayed until July, which was all we were allowed​ without a visa. The process of applying for a 2-year visa took longer than we expected, so late​ in September, we began to rethink living in Birmingham. The UK is very expensive, and our 450​ square foot apartment cost $1700 monthly. Plus, we have been away from our family and​ friends for 31 years. These factors, as well as getting older, made us decide to locate in​ Knoxville and fly back and forth to Europe. We talked to our partner, Redeemer City to City, and​ they agreed to pay for our travel expenses from the US. As of now, we will travel every month.​ When we are in the US, we will try to find churches to help the work in Europe. Since cities like​ Birmingham have large populations of immigrants and refugees we need to call up a new​ generation of missionaries who will go and reach the world in Europe.​

In October and November, we made two extended trips of 17 and 13 days. The many​
blessings we saw in Moscow, Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Birmingham, and Athens​
strengthened and encouraged us. Our meetings in Athens was the highlight of our trips. Our​ Network Leaders and church planters from across Europe came together to discuss how to​ reach their cities for Christ, as the Apostle Paul did in Acts. As we walked through Athens​ looking at the historical places where Paul walked, we were reminded of his visit to Athens​ when we stood on Mars Hill (Areopagus Hill). In the book of Acts,17:16-34, Paul visits Athens,​ where he addresses the religious leaders and the people of the city. In cities, people sneer at​ the gospel as they did when Paul spoke, yet our church planters and network leaders continue​ to proclaim the gospel. Today, as in Athens of the past, each of these 70 cities represented has​ idols. These church planters are learning to understand the idols of their cities so they can​ address the hopes, dreams, and fears of the people. Go to my Facebook page (Teresa LaDage)​ and watch the video of our meetings.​

May you be filled with love, joy, and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ,​
Bobby & Teresa
United World Mission - Europe

(a picture below of our growing family)