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Dan and Susan Steer - January 2021

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Our summer plans were minimal, like most of the world. I was still on sabbatical but helped Susan as she took a graduate class for her therapist certification. The class, of course, was via Zoom.

Dan was able to resume his visits to his mom in August. (She is in a nursing facility in Illinois.) But he had to either meet her outside or talk to her through the window of her room. Mom didn’t understand why he couldn’t come in and continues to be quite frustrated by the lock down.

COVID – both here in and in Ghana – forced us to cancel the planned September ministry trip. But we were able to follow through with some plans for refocusing Dan’s efforts in Ghana. As a result, he transferred responsibility for the ongoing MINTS programs to another ELI staffer, planning from now on to emphasize expanding the conference side of the ministry.

Also in September, we began “school Mondays” with our grandchildren Grey and Harper – lots of fun for all! We do some school activities with them, but also try to have some “adventures” for them to look forward to. Strangely, they seemed to most enjoy picking up the massive number of hickory nuts that fall in our yard every fall!

Being home in September meant Dan was here when our next grandson, Landon Ranger Gibson, was born on September 16th. Both Landon and his mother, Krista, are doing well. In late September we had the pleasure of being part of a missions conference at one of our supporting churches in Jackson, TN.

October was the time for our ELI Annual Staff Meeting and Big Event. This year, instead of meeting in the Philadelphia area as planned, it all took place via Zoom. It was still a good time for fellowship and it brought home to us how quickly ELI is growing. The organization now has some 35 full-time instructors. Quite a difference from 2009 when we started with only 4 of us!

Anna got COVID in November, but it was a mild case and we were able to get together for Thanksgiving with her and Gibson’s. And since we have been continuing to be cautious about being exposed to COVID, we have also been able to travel to see Scott and Kinsey and Bjørn. He is a delightful little guy!

As I write, we have just returned from a wild trip to Utah for our 46th anniversary: we drove with Gibson’s and Anna flew out to meet us. We spent 5 days in a very beautiful area, enjoying God’s creation. However, we are glad to be home!

We trust that the Lord continues to bless you.

Dan and Susan Steer
ELI West Africa