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George and Kathy Schultz - March 2021

Because CIT prepares and debriefs people from their international experiences, additional training in trauma healing is a valuable addition to our tool belt. Seven of our staff including George took the training entitled "Healing the Wounds of Trauma" created by the American Bible Society. We took the course, passed the test, were evaluated in our facilitation skills, and received certification. A few of the key concepts developed were: If God Loves Us, Why Do We Suffer?, How Can the Wounds of our Heart Be Healed?, How Can We Forgive Others?, and "Taking Your Pain to the Cross." 

Winter Term trainees heading to 13 countries of the world.
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One of our trainees came into CIT this winter experiencing serious spiritual oppression, so much so that a full night of sleep had been denied for years. The oppression felt so heavy on the chest and was debilitating in some ways. Through the ministry of prayer with our staff God gave her real spiritual freedom and victory! On the last few days she reported how she had now slept though the night six nights in a row!!

“This course is essential for cross-cultural workers. CIT is at the forefront of the future of training international missionaries.” CA – Ireland
“As someone who has extensive bi-cultural experience, the CIT experience has forced me to confront many of my prejudices and bias and rebuild me to rely on the gospel only.” KC – Peru
“As someone going back to my own culture, I wasn’t entirely sure what CIT was going to contribute to my missionary life. From the first day through to the last, God used absolutely every class and subject to better equip me for my future life. Do not underestimate your need for preparation, and consider CIT as one of the fullest, holistic training programs you could possible take.” SW – Mexico

For several years CIT has wanted to do an empirical research project evaluating the effectiveness of our training but the cost has been prohibitive. Last year we hired a consultant to get us started and now we are doing the research in-house with a staff member who is gifted in this area. We are doing both quantitative and qualitative research. The project is launched and the survey will address alumni, field leaders, and national leaders. Please pray for good responses and the effective analysis of the data. We hope to have the project finished and ready for presentation at our annual Partnership Meeting in November.

Kathy and I are doing well. Covid shots have not become available to us yet. Yes, we are old enough but NC has had a glitch in getting them out so we just have to wait.

Kathy is involved at church teaching 4th-6th grade girls on Wednesday night and 3-5 year olds children's church on Sunday. She also serves on the Missions Committee and enjoys Bible study through the local Community Bible Study group.

We anxiously await the day when CT can allow home hospitality again. That is what we have missed the most during Covid time. We are looking forward to having students over for fun and cookouts this summer.

We remain most grateful for your prayers and financial support as we serve as your hands and feet in missionary preparation for the next generation.

George and Kathy Schultz