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Joel McCall - July 13, 2017

joel july17

Joel leaves for Rwanda July 14!

In answer to your prayers, necessary finances were provided and the teams were called.   Tomorrow we will all be leaving to go where the Father is sending us. There have been challenges.  Two team members are traveling through an area that has involved international problems resulting in a reroute to Rwanda. Tickets were reissued with a 6 hour delay through Nairobi, Kenya, and they should arrive in Kigali. It will be late at night but in time to leave the next morning for the conference. 

 -Thanks to the Lord for all He has provided.
 -Christ to fill the Team with His Spirit from start to finish.
 -Health, safety in travel, connections to be made, and luggage to arrive with the travelers.
 -Rest when we arrive the first night.
 -Preparation of the Pastors to hear Romans with open hearts and minds.
 -Clarity and effectiveness in the Team as we teach and interact. 

Once again the Lord is sending a team to teach God's Word to pastors.  The Lord has been gracious in all His provision.  Your prayers will be needed over this next 4 weeks.