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John and Kathy Clow - May 2017

The Clow Communicator


Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Colossians 3:12




The MEDICAL MINISTRY has been consuming lots of hours for us and our team as a whole this month. Roger officially started his one year intern with the Honduran government. He is working in the local hospital here in town. For the duration of his internship we have had to close the clinic in Armenia. It's been an emotional process for both Roger and Renee.

The PETER PROJECT has 11 boys that are doing amazing under the directorship of Ventura. A photo was posted on our facebook group page of the Peter Project. Such a blessing to see all Hondurans ministering to the Honduran street kids. Fruit being evident from years of work put into that ministry.

The DOOR OF HOPE is getting ready to pass the torch. After starting the ministry and directing it for several years, Shannon will be handing over all responsibilities to Alma in the coming weeks. Shannon and her family are hoping to be moving to the States this summer. We are sad to see her leave, but we rejoice to see how the girls and house moms have accepted Alma and her role as director.

The BIBLE INSTITUTE just completed a course. 15 students remained faithful over the several weeks and finished strong. Our team mates are doing an amazing job of facilitating these courses from Birmingham Theological Seminary. It's hard to not get anxious to have the construction of the seminary finished so that more classes can be added. Meaning: more of God's Word being learned and then taught in the churches throughout La Ceiba! 


Iglesia Presbiteriana Gracia Soberana
(Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church)

The church is thriving in Teguc! They have a name now and next week will be starting services on Sunday morning.

Aaron and Jose have been team teaching about the church on Sunday evenings and it was well received and attended weekly by 20-30 people. They are going to start Sunday mornings with a study on Ephesians. Those attending the Bible study have been asking for Sunday morning services for several weeks. We love seeing the LORD grow HIS church!!!

The Marlows have finished language school and are now living in the capital. The Teguc team is officially a team of three couples (and LOTS of kids)! Miranda is due to deliver their second daughter in June. Ely is pregnant and will give birth to their second son in the fall.




Just two months left with our girls! Where did the time go? We are excited to see the LORD leading them and His provisions for them.

Our boys are kinda getting left in the background as the girls are getting most of the attention here lately. Josiah particularly is struggling with his sisters leaving soon. Those three have been raised more like triplets and he is going to miss them A LOT!

Elias' mother had her home visit and now we are waiting on the results of her psychological and home study. The next step will be a court date with the judge to determine placement for Elias. It could be with Glenis, with us or with another foster placement.


Tickets have been purchased and we will fly to the States on June 26th. John and the boys will return on August 8th. Kathy will stay through August to get the girls settled in their respective living arrangements. It will be a very short mini HMA schedule. We will try and visit with as many of you as possible. Attending as many of our supporting churches as possible. If we don't make it your way we are sorry! Next month's newsletter will have our itinerary.

In November we will return to the States to attend the Global Mission Conference in Dallas, TX. PLEASE try and attend. It is an amazing event that MTW hosts. We will have a booth so if you go, please stop by and see us!


Praise the LORD that Roger was able to stay in La Ceiba for his residency.
Praise the LORD for the Honduran volunteers who minister to the boys in Peter Prject.
Praise the LORD for the acceptance of Alma by the girls in the Door of Hope ministry.
Praise the LORD for the completed course of the Bible Institute.
Praise the LORD for the growth of the church in Teguc.

Pray for wisdom with the medical ministry. Particularly for Roger and Renee. Roger as he remains as medical director of the ministry, yet works full time in his internship at the local hospital. For Renee as she juggles mothering her two boys and taking on a lot of the day to day that Roger can't do. As well as working on getting the downtown clinic opened.

Pray for Adam and Michelle Cain as they have taken on the hosting of the summer teams. May is a big month of prepping and planning.

Pray for Shannon as they try to obtain visas to move their family to the States. Also as she transitions out of her role with our team.

Pray for unity among the Teguc team as they receive the Marlows and all beginning learning how to work day by day with each other.

Pray for our family as the Holy Spirit guides you! There is so much to personally ask prayer for. The girls, the boys, Elias, leading the team, our health.... as always we ask for wisdom in all things!