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Marc and Denise Atchley - April 2017

COFFEE TALK with Marc and Denise Atchley

Many of you will remember the Saturday Night Live sketch series "Coffee Talk with Linda Richman". In the sketch Linda Richman (Mike Myers) is a substitute host who knows "nothing from coffee" and doesn't even drink it because it gives her "shpilkes in my genecktecessoink". So she and her guests talk about the one person they all adore ... Barbra Streisand.

We don't expect our "Coffee Talk" to be nearly as hilarious as the sketch. And unlike the Myers character we actually know and love coffee! But perhaps similar to Richman and her friends, we are also obsessed with a very famous person of Jewish lineage.

We love coffee (we may even be addicted to it), but it is our relationship with and love for Jesus Christ that sends us away from our family, friends and community to tell others about Him. So like the sketch, "Coffee Talk" will mostly serve as a platform to discuss what Christ is doing in Greece and the work He has called us to there. Thanks for joining us!


Last August our family started the lengthy process of learning Greek language and culture. St. George Greek Orthodox Church (Knoxville,TN) graciously allowed us to join their Greek School which met weekly for most of the school year. The climax of the program was the Greek Independence Day celebration several Sundays ago (March 26), and the church members were delighted by the participation and preparation of our children. Not only did God provide us with a wonderful introduction to Greek language and culture, but he also provided us with encouraging relationships that will likely last long after we've relocated to Greece. One church member was helpful in connecting us to a Greek-American who lives near us and splits his time between the States and Greece. Not only is this person a restaurateur, but he is willing to help gather information for our coffeehouse business plan while he is in Athens this month. Please praise God with us for His provision and confirmation as we prepare for Greece!

In our plans to open a coffeehouse, Denise and I are coming alongside the First Greek Evangelical Church (Athens, Greece) and its daughter churches in their efforts to make disciples in Greece. Click here to read their story.