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Sydney Jones - February 2021

sydney jones

Prayer walk with the staff team to pray over the student, resident halls, and academic buildings as classes start and students begin coming back.

jonesf1b   UTC started classes for the spring semester on January 19th, but were completely online until February 1st. The university asked all student organizations to also remain virtual until the 1st as well, so all of our meetings and Bible studies with students have been on Zoom until this week. We are all very excited to be back in person!!!
We will begin having regular weekly meetings starting February 4th. Each meeting will allow students to come and enjoy worship, biblical content, and fellowship outside of Bible study and get a better idea of the vision of our larger movement.     jonesf1c
At the first Thursday we will be giving our Cru beanies (modeled by the beautiful Sarah Whitney to the right) to each student to promote Cru, get students excited for the semester, and keep their noggins warm in these winter months.    jonesf1d


Winter Conference is so close! On February 5th and 6th we are asking students to join us at Red Bank Baptist to experience Winter Conference with their Cru community. The price of the conference this year is only $19, includes a swag box (seen above), and dinner both nights. We are really excited to provide a way for students to view and discuss the sessions and seminars together. Some seminar topics include:
-Sharing Jesus Means Loving People: Here is How to Do That!
-Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With?
-Continuing with Community: Why the Local Church Needs You & You Need the Local Church
-Dialoguing with Your Doubts
There is so much packed into these two days and we would love to be able to host 100 students at our watch party!

Prayer Requests
  • Good momentum as we begin in-person 
  • Winter Conference to be life-giving and challenging for students to grow in their faith this year
  • New friendships for students that feel lonely or isolated
  • Opportunities for evangelism now that we are in person

So thankful for your
support of the mission
of connecting the
whole campus to
Christ, His Word,
His people,
and His world.