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Tammy Murden - May 2019

Hello friends!  Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been in touch.  I’ve just finished a 3 month developmental sabbatical.  It  was very refreshing and restorative (see pictures below). 

tmm19   tmm19b

God gave me lots of “S” words - steep (Lk 12:29 MSG), strengthen (Zec. 4:6), self-control (Gal 5:23), salvation (Ps. 51:10, Is. 33:6), soul (Ps. 63).  At the end of this time I can say with conviction “it is well with my soul".

One application coming out of this time is a 4 dimensions goal setting grid - meaning 4 major areas of my life that I want to intentionally cultivate:  home, life, work, ministry.

HOME: I realized that much of my struggle the last few years has been because my home life has not been life giving.  Home hasn’t been bad but rather “neutral energy” (meaning it’s not draining but not filling either).  I’m giving a lot of thought to what I want my home to “look like” and how to recover “life" in my home.

LIFE:  I love my work and the downside is that it can easily become my life.  I’m intentionally thinking about how I can cultivate life outside of my job - relationships, activities, etc.  I don’t want to just be busy with “more" but I do need a few well-chosen light hearted things that remind me to not take myself or life too seriously.

WORK:  I have accepted a new role as the Director of Leader Development for the US Navigators.  I will continue leading LDI and expand the concepts to other initiatives.  I will be engaging in this new role slowly over the next few months being fully transitioned in no later than Sept 1.  The job comes with a pay raise so this transition will give me time to raise new support. 

MINISTRY:  One of the things I want to do is to be intentionally investing in people who are not necessarily a part of my job and yet investment in them is in alignment with my primary focus - which is leader development.  God has already provided a few opportunities to consider mentoring both international and local staff. 

As always, THANK YOU for your prayers, encouragement and ongoing partnership with me in this ministry!

Laboring with you,

Tammy Murden