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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - January 2020

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Dear prayer supporters,

Thanks for all your prayers and gifts over the Christmas season. All of our activities were fruitful in their own way; in the park we were shocked by the throngs of people who wanted to attend our event, partly due to fortuitous timing--the installation of
a new playground happened to complete on the very day of our ministry! As a result we had more than 40 children and their parents attend our Christmas park outreach. During our craft outreach we got to reconnect with many old friends we hadn't seen for awhile. And when we went caroling, almost everyone in the neighborhood opened their windows and doors to hear our singing. All of this was thanks to a great turnout from our church members, who were eager to serve. Please pray that significant seeds will have been sown and that this enthusiastic spirit of volunteerism will flow over to all other parts of church life.

1) Leadership. This week we will install a new group of coworkers, whom we hope to involve more deeply in the planning of our church's ministries. Please pray that Shin-zwo, who will help care for mothers with young children, and Mrs. Liu, who will help care for the older people in our church, would be willing to step up in leadership and also encourage others in the church to use their spiritual gifts. We will also meet regularly with Jordan and Bella to help them prepare to shepherd the church in the future, if it's in the Lord's will.

2) After Chinese New Year we hope to have our church focus on evangelism. Please pray that everyone will have open and willing hearts to evangelize to all sorts of people in their lives.

3) Jennifer is starting serious planning for OMF Taiwan's church planting conference in March. Pray that, through the conference, our field will have ideas on how to more effectively plant churches.

With gratitude for your partnership,
Jennifer & Thomas (see many pictures below)
OMF - Taiwan

Thomas and Jennifer shared the Christmas story in our park ministry
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Jennifer led a full Sunday school on Christmas Day
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Thomas preached from Matthew 1 on Christmas Day
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Women meet for discussion and prayer after the Christmas sermon
mcinjan20 (4) 

Jordan, our associate pastor, meets with Mr. Liu at his farm to talk
mcinjan20 (5) 

Our team sang Christmas carols in the local neighborhood
mcinjan20 (6) 

Some neighbors wanted a picture with Santa
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Our coworkers Kevin, Markus, and Bella assist kids during the craft outreach
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A few of the men got together one evening to go bowling. We are trying to build better fellowship with the guys in our church.
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We said goodbye to Rachel, one of our church's 4 coworkers. She is moving to Japan for a year to work and determine if the Lord is leading her to overseas missions. Pray that, in His will, she will feel led to long-term Christian service.