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Seth Hammond

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3 Ways to Fight Worry

As we immerse ourselves in Scripture, our worries will disperse....

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It Only Takes a Few Words

It only takes a few words to dramatically change someone's life....

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Loving the Enemy's Victims

sermongraphicweb witness jonah

"We need to remember that not-yet Christians are not the enemy; they are victims of the enemy." -- Doug Pollack...

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I Believe in the Resurrection

Jesus gives us many convincing proofs that He rose again from the dead. The resurrection is essential to our faith....

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Parenting: Is it Worth it?

It's good for you to have exhausting days, more mouths to feed, and a tighter schedule....

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3 Ways to Fight Impatience

Having love for the person you're impatient with will help you overlook the things that irritate you about them....

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4 Ways to Fight Discontentment

A heart of thanksgiving will kill a heart of discontentment....

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Creating a Culture of Godly Men

"Men weren't designed to rust out but to wear out." - Dennis Rainey...

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I Believe in Heaven

Heaven is a fun, beautiful, and perfect place where God dwells....

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I Believe in the Church

The Church is the people not the buildings....

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