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We have good, accurate, and trustworthy translations of the Bible today.

As we continue to deal with the coronavirus, keep in mind these 5 ways to keep your faith: Fear Not Acknowledge Christ's Power Invest in Others Take Care of Yourself Hope for Revival

In the midst of a tragic fire, our community has responded with resiliency.

After a much-heated Presidential race, where do Christians go from here?

The Bible gives us ways to spot a phony preacher and teacher.

Christians need to vote for the candidate who best represents moral and political values consistent with Biblical teaching.

I'm not afraid. Neither should you be.

If people understood the value of Church, they may not want to leave It.

On my visit to Greece, I saw first-hand what God is doing through His church impacting lives for Christ and helping the refugees who enter its land.

The Bible teaches that life starts at conception, and the unborn must be protected.