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Our nation doesn't need anymore cultural or fanatical "Christians" who bear bad fruit. Our nation needs genuine Christians who bear the good fruits of the Spirit.

10 Realizations That Help You Know You're Getting Old

Hell is a fiery, dark, and bottomless pit where there is eternal judgment for those who don't confess their sin to and put their trust in Jesus.

Heaven is a beautiful and joyful place.

Desiring money is not bad, over-desiring money is.

"You don't get ulcers from what you're eating, you get ulcers from what's eating you."

The Bible teaches that life starts at conception, and the unborn must be protected.

What is transgenderism, what does the Bible say about it, what are the facts, and how should Christians respond?

"A leader is someone who has the courage to say publicly what everybody else is whispering privately." -- Andy Stanley

Christians can choose to withdraw, accommodate, or engage culture. Which is correct?